About WEIBANG Professional

Maximum reliability and high performance, even in extreme conditions, this is hallmark of WEIBANG machine.
Mowing larger garden areas that are almost 3,000m2 are no problem for these machines as they are particularly demanding if perfect cutting results are required.

These professional mowers have 53cm cutting width and a large capacity grass-catcher of 70L.

They are equipped with the easiest starting and powerful professional engine of Kawasaki that has three-speed transmissions and with belt driving.

The machine’s cutting height is available for comfortable settings by an adjusting lever between 25mm and 80mm. These features are complemented by double-ball-bearing wheels, to make large mowing lawn easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Regular maintenance and care (through our excellent workshop), combined with the best advice & attentive customer service from LTE Machinery, play a vital role in guaranteeing your satisfaction with your choice of WEIBANG while ensuring the machines’ operational efficiency and reliability well into the future.

If you would like to speak to our Sales team about WEIBANG products please drop us a message through the contact form below or through Messenger.