BTME Harrowgate roundup.

The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) is Europe’s leading exhibition for turf professionals and buyers, and an unmissable opportunity to further education and development through a Continue to Learn programme.

BTME 2019 featured over 250 hours of education including the Turf Managers’ Conference and over 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and innovations plus unrivalled networking opportunities.

Leinster Turf Equipment attended the show recently to capitalize on those networking opportunities, meeting and greeting suppliers and customers as well as exploring new possibilities for future business.

We blitzed around the show on Tuesday (with a sub-challenge to collect as many pens each as possible 😂) spending time on several stands chatting about all things show and business related.

Covering a lot of ground and catching up with people we discussed the changing landscape of Irish distribution, considered some potential opportunities and naturally, of course, the impact of Brexit was top of everyone’s tongue.

The topic was hot though there are no answers and that uncertainty can be felt like a low tremor through the industry as people try to plan for the unplannable.

Back to the subject of “covering ground”, while not necessarily golf course orientated, robotic mowers were reasonably represented and definitely a topic for further exploration and discussion (more news coming soon from us on this 😏).

We wrapped up the day with several bags full of brochures for later perusal and a grand total of 28 pens 😁

About WEIBANG Professional

Maximum reliability and high performance, even in extreme conditions, this is hallmark of WEIBANG machine.
Mowing larger garden areas that are almost 3,000m2 are no problem for these machines as they are particularly demanding if perfect cutting results are required.

These professional mowers have 53cm cutting width and a large capacity grass-catcher of 70L.

They are equipped with the easiest starting and powerful professional engine of Kawasaki that has three-speed transmissions and with belt driving.

The machine’s cutting height is available for comfortable settings by an adjusting lever between 25mm and 80mm. These features are complemented by double-ball-bearing wheels, to make large mowing lawn easier, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Regular maintenance and care (through our excellent workshop), combined with the best advice & attentive customer service from LTE Machinery, play a vital role in guaranteeing your satisfaction with your choice of WEIBANG while ensuring the machines’ operational efficiency and reliability well into the future.

If you would like to speak to our Sales team about WEIBANG products please drop us a message through the contact form below or through Messenger.

timberwolf no omissions


The latest round of government engine emission legislation, known as Stage V, comes in to effect on 1st January 2019 and TIMBERWOLF want to set out the facts about what it means for you and our industry.

TIMBERWOLF asked their customers what they understood about Stage V and half of those surveyed were not aware of the new rules soon to take effect. Of the half who were aware, more than 65% said they would like to have access to clear information on what it means.

Stage V legislation represents a big change to the engines used in non-road mobile machinery, such as wood chippers, stump grinders, mowers and skid steer machinery.  This easy-to-read whitepaper helps to explain how the legislation affects our industry – click the button below to download your copy:

From their own research and interaction with industry members and Timberwolf customers, we know that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the legislation. We want to set the record straight with our ‘All the Facts #NoOmissions’ campaign.

The following infographic explains clearly the 8 most important facts about Stage V legislation.

All the facts infographic Stage V engine Legislation - Timberwolf


“The key message to customers is that Stage V has no immediate effect for them. Diesel engines are not banned, and we’ll still be making our current machines for some time.

What it does mean is that we now have a really exciting opportunity for innovation which we’re using to develop the most technically advanced wood chippers to date.”

Antony Alexander, Product Marketing Managing

If you would like to learn more about Stage 5 and what it means to you going forwards please contact us to discuss future options.