BTME Harrowgate roundup.

The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) is Europe’s leading exhibition for turf professionals and buyers, and an unmissable opportunity to further education and development through a Continue to Learn programme.

BTME 2019 featured over 250 hours of education including the Turf Managers’ Conference and over 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and innovations plus unrivalled networking opportunities.

Leinster Turf Equipment attended the show recently to capitalize on those networking opportunities, meeting and greeting suppliers and customers as well as exploring new possibilities for future business.

We blitzed around the show on Tuesday (with a sub-challenge to collect as many pens each as possible 😂) spending time on several stands chatting about all things show and business related.

Covering a lot of ground and catching up with people we discussed the changing landscape of Irish distribution, considered some potential opportunities and naturally, of course, the impact of Brexit was top of everyone’s tongue.

The topic was hot though there are no answers and that uncertainty can be felt like a low tremor through the industry as people try to plan for the unplannable.

Back to the subject of “covering ground”, while not necessarily golf course orientated, robotic mowers were reasonably represented and definitely a topic for further exploration and discussion (more news coming soon from us on this 😏).

We wrapped up the day with several bags full of brochures for later perusal and a grand total of 28 pens 😁